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Posted in ElasticSearch connection refused

Do proper indexing of Models which you are including in search.
# Student.elasticsearch.create_index!
**** # Student.import
like this

Thank you Chris I will try to do the same, but getting error on root page.
www.lvh.me:3000 is redirected if account is not present and its not working please assist me.

Posted in Biometric fingerprint reader integration with rails

Can any one know howw I can integrete biometric fingerprint reader machine with my rails application, for automated attandance of student.
Please help, its urgent.
Thanks in advance.

Is multitenancy is possible in Rails?? @ Chris Oliver

Check one more time :-
star.hotel.com =>
2011 // tenant1
2012// tenant2
2013// tenant3

blue.hotel.com =>

Can anyone please expain me How do I have sub-domains and Multi-tenant database for each sub domain in Rails Application.

For an Example:-
I am having Multi-Tenant database for year wise record of hotels, but my requiremnt :-
star.hotel.com => multi-tenant database
blue.hotel.com => multi-tenant database

Thank You