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Nice work Chris, very interesting. Thanks for flying at altitude and avoiding the rabbit holes too

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Organising large rails apps is something that I struggle with. I've look at namespacing models but can never get my head around the folder structure and then the different way you have to reference a model in a namespace or scope.
Because of this I avoid it and end up with 50 models in one folder.
I'd be very happy for you to explain how to do this better?

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Using this approach, how would you get rails data into a component?

Eg. In "Using VueJS for Nested Forms in Rails: Part 1" you get a reference to the form div element and then parse the element dataset. But with this approach the element could be anything and how would you get a reference to the element in a SFC?

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Ok, after some research I found bootstrap-vue, which makes it easy to build out these components and super easy to drop them into a Rails app.

Posted in Vue.js Components in Rails Views Discussion

Hi Chris, nice work in this. I'm really excited about VueJS and the potential it has to streamline the Rails frontend dev process.

Some simple handy component examples would be very helpful ie. Form components like file_field with appropriate behaviour or table rows with CRUD actions.

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