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hey mate just type in binding.break - you don't need to stuff around with getting into the IRB and THEN debugging from there.

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So presumably the foreign_key on all your records would be organization_id as per Chris Seelus's method?

You don't have to create another user class. this problem has nothing really to do with devise. Any authentication method will give you a user_id

You can set the session[:company_id] to a default when they login, or allow them to use the site under a "Personal" account without a company.

Hi folks, appreciate the commentary, it's extra ordinarily re-assuring. I want to do exactly this:

  • How can we scope to both a company, and also
  • a personal account, at the same time?

Some users will not want to be associated with a company, but they will want to have access to the same resources of a company.

Any pointers, however brief, will be received with thanks.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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