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Also, the newer versions of tailwind have purge built in to make this super simple! Just add your paths to tailwind config

Don't forget "./app/**/*.js.erb", if you are using them.

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Great episode Chris! Definitely going to be using this. One thing I'm curious about, I often use partials to render collections instead of iterating through them in the view, e.g. render @users instead of @users.each do |user|... How would this work (or would it work) with the decorated user objects? I suppose you would just need to specify the partial name and local variables instead of relying on the rails shorthand of render @users right?

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React! Yes! Do it!
I've been learning React just this week but tying it to Rails is still a bit of a mystery to me. This would be a perfect example to port over that I would love to see.
Your videos are great, keep on rockin it Chris! Thanks.