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Thank you for this material, really helpfull!
got stucked with a nested relation, i'm using rails 5.1.
i got this if i try to follow your solution > "{"":["must exist"]}" the solution is to manually add a team_id to the player before call .save in rails. and the current player gets the right id of the "new_team".id.

Table test :

Parameters = {"team"=>{"id"=>nil, "name"=>"testes", "players_attributes"=>[{"id"=>nil, "name"=>"dadada", "_destroy"=>false, "team_id"=>nil}]}}

controller will ignore team_id, in players_attributes as we don't intend to permit it, as long as player id and team id. assuming :

so parameters = { "team"=>{"name"=>"testes","players_attributes"=>[{"name" => "ronaldinho","position" => nil}]}}

team = new(parameters)
team.players.each do player
team.player.team_id = 1

and ok, it works. if i dont use this "gambiarra" each loop it will return
"{"":["must exist"]}

Can you help me? thanks

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