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it seems that spell check only works for title not for the body of posts.

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Hi, i was thinking of making an udemy video and was wondering what software is used in the gorails videos or if anyone has any suggestions? i also want to be able to use a tablet to write on the screen in the video. thx

It seems that almost all of the Ruby on Rails job postings are for senior developers, usually with 5+ years experience, although I am aware of the caveat that one should not let that stop them from applying.

However, when looking at Ruby on Rails statistics such as year-over-year job listings or downloads, the framework seems fairly steady. I don't think it is in anyway declining.

By comparison, on my local slack/job sites , there are lots of junior JS listings, mostly React.

Nevermind, I figured it out.

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Thanks, this is a great starting point for me to prepare. For #2, can you please elaborate by what you are refering to when you say 'interfaces'? Thanks again.

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I made it past the phone screening and the next stage is that a robot will email me a project and I have a three hour window to complete it and then email them the results. This is for a Rails job. Can anyone please give me an idea of what to expect? They know its gonna be my first job. The email says they want to see my approach to application and object structure. I know this can vary but any advice or ideas on what to expect? And do you think I will have the option of using Rails 4.2, which I am more comfortable with? Thanks.

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