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Looking forward to the direct uploads/trix integration Chris! 

Regarding images attached to another model- 9 times out of 10, I have to include additional meta-data with a file upload (a title, a caption, a photo credit, etc.). Does ActiveStorage make that less of a headache in situations like a Post having multiple uploads (as you have demonstrated in this episode)? Thanks!

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Oh believe me, I've looked into the 3 S's for almost every e-commerce project I've tackled! It seems like I always come to the same outcome though- they provide 50 features when all I need is 6. That's why I'm such a big fan of gems like Piggybak, although even with Piggybak I had to severely prune code so that it wasn't dependent on RailsAdmin cruft. Someday maybe I'll roll my own, and it'll be in the sweet spot between Piggybak and Ror-e. As small as I can get it, except with flexible variant support!

I'm gonna get right on that if the Park Ranger thing doesn't work out...

Posted in Ecommerce multi-step checkout with guest accounts

I'm interested in some ecommerce action as well. It's weird- I haven't seen a single site/video/tutorial that tackles the concepts of variants during a shopping cart/checkout experience. And yet, here in the real world, I keep building websites for people selling clothing (1 style of shirt with 7 colors and 4 different sizes), fine art prints (4 different sizes, no frame or frames in one of 3 different colors), or pizzas (what do you want on your pizza? Do you want that on the whole pizza, or just half? Which half?). And now (lucky me), I just picked up a client that is a clothing manufacturer. Do you want that shirt in one of these 5 standard colors? Or a more expensive "custom color"? Also, if you buy 1 of these shirts, it's $20. If you buy 34 of them, they're $18 each. If you buy 100, they're $16/each. XXL is $2 extra for each item.

The spot that I bang my head on my desk is wearing through. I'm about to just give up and find a less frustrating life as a park ranger or maybe a long haul trucker...

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