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Posted in Advice on implementing a template system in Rails

You are a star! Thanks a lot Josh.

Posted in Advice on implementing a template system in Rails

Thank you so much for such an in depth answer, forgive my ignorance as I try to understand certain parts of your answer. As I understand it you would essentially make a new create action (from_template) in the origin model that takes the serialized data from the template model to create a new instance? And another action as_template that would be called to save the current instance into a serializable_hash stored in the template model?

It sounds like this is an implementation you have tackled before, if this is the case, is there a git repo that you are able/willing to share?

Thanks again for such a detailed response

Posted in Advice on implementing a template system in Rails

I am currently building a Rails app that allows users to create and manage projects. Within these projects are different groups and tasks which are of course associated models belonging to the project.

What I want to achieve is a way for users to save the current configuration of groups and tasks as a template that can then be used for projects they might make in the future. This is my first call to the GoRails community and I am keen to see how you guys would approach this as I have become a bit stuck! I have looked at self referencing models and even the deep clonable gem to clone entire projects as a template but both of these felt clunky and rely on the original project still existing.

Thanks in advance,

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