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Posted in Redirect show to edit mode always

Hi, I want to work always in edit mode and not in show mode. So when i go to show a object, I want to be in edit mode.
How I can make this possibile? First I think that I can put a redirect in show controller but there is a better because I have to change show, create and update controller option maybe a router level?

Hi, I try to install rails 3.2.20 with ruby2.2.0.

So with rvm I make

rvm install 2.2.0

After I make

gem install rails -v 3.2.20

After rvm use default ruby-2.2.2

But when I try rails -v, I have the error

-bash: /home/xxx/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.0/bin/rails: Permission denied

Why? I try also chmod -R 777 on .rvm but nothing change

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