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As long as the tokens expire, are one-time use, and the user's email isn't compromised it should be fine. You'll still want to support 2FA through another mechanism for more security.

I much prefer email/password login so I can use a password manager.

Great episode Collin! The authenticate_by method really is a bug piece of making secure authentication from scratch in Rails. These are nuances that are important (and already done in Devise), so it's nice to see they're easier than ever in Rails.

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Sounds like you have a bug somewhere. Have you compared your code to the repository?

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Amazing, thank you!

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Looking forward to meeting you Frank!

Posted in Rails 7.1 Authentication From Scratch Discussion

Probably at some point in the long-term. It's a huge benefit to have everything handled in Rails instead of Devise's mixture of Rails + Rack / warden that can be harder to customize.

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Authentication got a TON of great improvements in Rails 7.1 with authenticate_by, generates_token_for, normalizes, etc. Super duper excited for these things and they should clean up a lot of code. 🎉

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Hey Alex,

You'll either want to run the rails server in its own terminal (without bin/dev) or switch to using overmind instead of foreman. I personally use overmind and it lets you connect to each process and interact with them, but foreman cannot.

I think that would be a JOIN and referencing the other table's column, but good suggestion. 👍

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I like using Tailwind UI so I can mix and match components / layouts to create what I need since I have to customize themes anyways.

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Thanks, removed the link. 👍

Posted in Jumpstart Pro - Installing Dependencies on Cloud9

Also just pushed up a branch for devcontainers which you can use in VSCode or GitHub Codespaces (which is similar to cloud9)

Posted in Jumpstart Pro - Installing Dependencies on Cloud9

You'd need to install Ruby, Postgres, and Redis on Cloud9. We did a screencast on Cloud9 here:

Posted in How to use <script> in Rails 7

Nope, partials start with an underscore. The js.erb extension is the format + the renderer. So this example is a response for the js format and rendered using erb.

Posted in How to use <script> in Rails 7

You can have a controller respond to the JS format.

respond_to do |format|

And then render a action.js.erb file

Posted in Bundler's New Ruby Version File Option Discussion

You could also use delete_prefix so you can leave the .ruby-version file as-is. 👍


Posted in How can I upload HEIC format images?

I believe you need to compile imagemagick with heic support. It doesn't always come out of the box (sometimes because of licensing issues).

Posted in Can NOT watch videos in China !!!

Only the free videos are on YouTube. I don't know that we will move them, but you could use a VPN to access them from another country.

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Yep, you would want to treat them as a view specs because that's what they are. view_context is an instance of ActionView::Base. 👍

Posted in How much does it cost to built an e commerce app ?

Solidus is an open source Ruby on Rails e-commerce platform you can use:

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