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Nested Records



An awesome nested set implementation for Active Record

awesome_nested_set 3,716,932 Downloads Last release

collectiveidea/awesome_nested_set Last commit


Ancestry allows the records of a ActiveRecord model to be organized in a tree structure, using a single, intuitively formatted database column. It exposes all the standard tree structure relations (ancestors, parent, root, children, siblings, descendants) and all of them can be fetched in a single sql query. Additional features are named_scopes, integrity checking, integrity restoration, arrangement of (sub)tree into hashes and different strategies for dealing with orphaned records.

ancestry 3,055,027 Downloads Last release

stefankroes/ancestry Last commit


Easily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord model support hierarchies

closure_tree 675,087 Downloads Last release

mceachen/closure_tree Last commit


A gem that adds simple support for organizing ActiveRecord models into parent–children relationships.

acts_as_tree 1,966,965 Downloads Last release


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