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Natural Language Parsing



Chronic is a natural language date/time parser written in pure Ruby.

chronic 20,674,319 Downloads Last release

mojombo/chronic Last commit


A simple Ruby natural language parser for elapsed time. (For example, 4 hours and 30 minutes, 6 minutes 4 seconds, 3 days, etc.) Returns all results in seconds. Will return an integer unless you get tricky and need a float. (4 minutes and 13.47 seconds, for example.) The reverse can also be performed via the output method.

chronic_duration 3,185,332 Downloads Last release

hpoydar/chronic_duration Last commit



chronic_between 57,981 Downloads Last release

jrobertson/chronic_between Last commit


Extracts date, time, and message information from naturally worded text.

nickel 35,435 Downloads Last release

iainbeeston/nickel Last commit

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