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Generates attr_accessors that encrypt and decrypt attributes transparently

attr_encrypted 5,308,026 Downloads Last release

attr-encrypted/attr_encrypted Last commit


The Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library provides a high-level toolkit for building cryptographic systems and protocols

rbnacl 865,362 Downloads Last release

cryptosphere/rbnacl Last commit


Transparently encrypt ActiveRecord, Mongoid, and MongoMapper attributes. Encrypt passwords in configuration files. Encrypt entire files at rest.

symmetric-encryption 487,504 Downloads Last release


Strongbox provides Public Key Encryption for ActiveRecord. By using a public key sensitive information can be encrypted and stored automatically. Once stored a password is required to access the information. dependencies are specified in standard Ruby syntax.

strongbox 221,292 Downloads Last release

spikex/strongbox Last commit


Transparent ActiveRecord encryption

crypt_keeper 250,838 Downloads Last release

jmazzi/crypt_keeper Last commit


Misuse-resistant authenticated symmetric encryption

miscreant 1,293 Downloads Last release


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