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Byebug is a Ruby debugger. It's implemented using the TracePoint C API for execution control and the Debug Inspector C API for call stack navigation. The core component provides support that front-ends can build on. It provides breakpoint handling and bindings for stack frames among other things and it comes with an easy to use command line interface.

byebug 35,503,567 Downloads Last release

deivid-rodriguez/byebug Last commit


An IRB alternative and runtime developer console

pry 64,355,867 Downloads Last release

pry/pry Last commit


Bridge from Ruby to AppleScript to control Web Console

webconsole 18,503 Downloads Last release


Provides a better error page for Rails and other Rack apps. Includes source code inspection, a live REPL and local/instance variable inspection for all stack frames.

better_errors 14,365,618 Downloads Last release

charliesome/better_errors Last commit

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