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Popular Rails Gems Tutorial Series

Styling with Bootstrap Sass
#7 ·

Learn how CSS and Javascript frameworks should be added to Rails applications

Debugging With BetterErrors
#8 ·

A look at how to supercharge your debugging and solve errors faster than ever

Pretty urls with FriendlyID
#9 ·

Techniques for taking your database models and using attributes to generate pretty urls

Pagination with will_paginate
#10 ·

A look into how pagination works from scratch and how to use will_paginate

File Uploading with Carrierwave
#11 ·

Using Rails to upload files manually and how you can do it even cleaner using Carrierwave

User Authentication with Devise
#12 ·

A look into user accounts, registration, login, forgot your password, and more

Keeping track with Annotate
#13 ·

Learn how to keep track of your database models and attributes with comments in your application

Sending emails with Mandrill
#14 ·

Advanced techniques on sending emails over SMTP with local views and Mandrill's API with remote templates

Authorization With CanCanCan
#20 · Pro

A look into the popular CanCanCan library to add authorization to your Rails app

Authorization with Pundit
#22 · Pro

A guide to authorization with Pundit including a walkthrough of how to lock down your application, actions, and use default policies

Soft Delete with Paranoia
#41 ·

Learn how to soft delete records instead of deleting them permanently from your database

Newsletter Sign Up Form with country_select
#49 ·

How to plan and build a newsletter sign up form

The State_Machine Gem
#85 ·

Learn how to use the state_machine gem to keep track of objects in your Rails apps

Using ActiveAdmin to Build an Admin UI
#164 ·

Learn how to build a dedicated admin area in your Rails app for editing records by admins using the ActiveAdmin gem

How to Migrate from Paperclip to Rails ActiveStorage
#243 ·

Now that the Paperclip gem has been deprecated, it's recommended that you migrate your apps to ActiveStorage