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Payments with Stripe Tutorial Series

Subscriptions with Stripe
#90 · Pro

Learn how to capture credit cards and add paid subscriptions to your Rails app

Adding Stripe update card form, Cancel, and Resubscribe
#91 · Pro

Learn how to polish your Stripe subscriptions by adding update card forms, cancellation buttons, and letting users seamlessly resubscribe

Using Webhooks with Stripe
#93 · Pro

Learn how to add Stripe Webhooks into your Rails application

Stripe Elements Javascript
#197 · Pro

Learn about Stripe's new v3 Javascript library, Stripe Elements, and how to implement it for an even nicer credit card form

Affiliate & Referrals Programs with Stripe & Rewardful
#257 ·

Easily add an affiliate or referral program to your Rails application using Stripe and Rewardful

Stripe Signed Webhooks
#259 ·

Stripe webhooks are now required to be signed with your secret webhook key. We'll show you how to set them up in your Rails app today.