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Maps, Geolocation, and GeoSearch Tutorial Series

Fallback 17:10
Geolocation and Search with Geocoder
#200 ·

Geolocate addresses using the geocoder gem and then use it to search your database by location

Fallback 19:41
How to use Google Maps and Markers
#204 · Pro

Using the Gmaps.js library, we can really easily add Google Maps to our Rails applications

Fallback 22:22
Geo-spatial Search with Geocoder and Google Maps
#206 · Pro

This episode, we'll clone Yelp / Airbnb's geosearch functionality using the Geocoder gem

Fallback 13:35
Geo-spatial Search with Searchkick and ElasticSearch
#208 · Pro

Index and search your models by geolocation using Searchkick and Elasticsearch

Fallback 15:24
Making GeoSearch smooth with AJAX
#210 · Pro

Cleaning up the rough edges and adding some polish to geosearch using AJAX