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ActionCable Introduction Tutorial Series

Fallback 25:44
Realtime Notifications with ActionCable
#125 · Pro

Learn how to implement realtime notifications with ActionCable

Fallback 6:24
How ActionCable Uses Redis
#126 · Pro

Check out some behind the scenes of ActionCable to understand how and why it uses Redis

Fallback 8:35
Disabling ActionCable for Unauthenticated Users
#128 ·

To only have ActionCable's JS connect for logged in users, we can setup our Javascript to know when a user is authenticated or not, and have our websocket try to connect accordingly.

Fallback 8:36
Realtime SSH Logs with ActionCable
#245 ·

Streaming realtime progress to the browser is easy with ActionCable. This episode covers how we send over SSH logs in realtime inside