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Introduction to Stimulus Reflex

#342 ยท April 19, 2020

Your Teacher | Chris Oliver

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm the creator of GoRails, and Jumpstart. I spend my time creating tutorials and tools to help Ruby on Rails developers build apps better and faster.

About This Episode

Stimulus Reflex is one of the coolest new libraries out there. It can update the browser in realtime and allow you to build reactive applications without any Javascript. It's awesome.


Ever heard of Phoenix LiveView and wished you had it in Rails? Wait no longer.

Stimulus Reflex is a library for creating realtime, reactive apps in Rails with no Javascript. It keeps track of the action that was used to render your view and uses websockets to re-render the view. It uses DOM diffing to update the DOM so the whole view isn't refreshed.

With all of these features combined, you end up with an extremely interesting approach to building reactive applications in Rails.



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