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20 Primer on Rails 5.1's new UJS library

Episode 186 · May 9, 2017

Learn how the new Rails UJS library works and compares with the old version of jquery_ujs that it replaces

Javascript Rails 5.1


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inopinatus (1,220 XP) on

Hey Chris, thanks for this guided tour, very useful! Rails.ajax(...) will be super helpful.

I found some other changes in UJS behaviour since the rewrite, particularly in handleRemote's function call signature and in the parameters to ajax:success events. I've written my notes up here:

Mark Oveson (4,370 XP) on

This was an enlightening episode. Thanks for digging into the source to show us what's going on behind the scenes.

While discussing `Rails.linkClickSelector`, you mentioned, "you could be able to append stuff and move stuff from it as necessary." I'd like to ask you about that.

I would like to build a "verify" dialog box for deleting certain resources in one of my projects. The dialog box would work like the github dialog box for deleting a repo, in that you have to type the name of the resource in order to delete it. The idea is to make it impossible to inadvertently delete a resource.

The syntax I envision would be something like this:

link_to 'Delete event', event_path(@event),
method: :delete,
data: {
verify: {
message: 'NOTE: This will delete the event and all associated efforts and split times. This action cannot be undone. To verify, type the name of the event below and click Continue',
class: 'btn btn-sm btn-danger'
Do you have any ideas how to go about implementing something like this?

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