How to render ActionText Attachments in Plain Text

Chris Oliver

November 2, 2021

ActionText supports custom attachments using Signed Global IDs. We can use this to embed any database record in Rails such as @mentions for users.

For HTML, Rails will use the to_partial_path to render the HTML template for the attachment. For a user, this would be app/views/users/_user.html.erb.

With Plain Text output, Rails will default to the caption specified on the attachable. Typically, this is nil because we don't need a caption for an @mention.

By defining the attachable_plain_text_representation method, we can specify the default value for the plain text ActionText output.

class User
  include ActionText::Attachable

  # When ActionText rendering mentions in plain text
  def attachable_plain_text_representation(caption = nil)
    caption || name

And that's it! Simply render your ActionText content as plain text and it will use this method for rendering.

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