How HTTP Requests work in Rails

Blair Rorani

February 23, 2021

Process overview

⚠️ This is how HTTP requests work without any interaction with the model.

[request] ➡️ routes.rb ➡️ [controller] + [action] ➡️ view ➡️ browser

  1. A browser sends an HTTP request
  2. The Rails server receives the request
  3. routes.rb tells Rails which [controller] + [action] to send the request to (e.g. about#index)
  4. The [controller] receives the request and runs code in the method that matches the [action] from routes.rb
  5. Rails generates a view (e.g. index.html.erb)
  6. Rails sends the view back to the browser
  7. The browser renders the view

Example HTTP request and response

⚠️ A model is included in later guides.

🔗 Link to REST tutorial via Thoughtbot

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