Black Friday 2022 Deals on GoRails, courses, and Jumpstart Pro!

Chris Oliver

November 23, 2022

It’s Black Friday again, and this is our once-a-year sale!

It’s our way of saying thanks for all your support. You've been a huge part of making GoRails a success and Collin & I can't thank you enough. 🥰

Here's what we've got going on this year:

36% off GoRails with the yearly plan - Get the deal

Get a yearly subscription to GoRails for just $144/year. That's only $12/mo to stay up-to-date with Hotwire, Rails 7, Ruby 3, and much more!

Gifting GoRails

Want to send someone the gift of GoRails? Send us a message with the name and email of the recipient and how many months you'd like to gift them. We'll send you an invoice and once it's paid we'll invite them to their account.

$50+ off Jumpstart Pro (Rails, iOS & Android) - Get the deal

Choose either the Rails, iOS, or Android template and get $50 off a single site license or $150 off an unlimited license.

If you're interested in building a product with Ruby on Rails, Jumpstart Pro is the perfect place to get started. We'll take care of all the ground work so you can focus on building your business. Start with Rails and when you're ready, you can expand to iOS and Android apps, or snag them now while they're on sale!

We built using Jumpstart Pro and you can check out lots of other Jumpstart Pro examples that our customers have turned into life changing businesses.

This is the time we've ever run a sale on Jumpstart Pro Android, so now is a great time to snag a copy if you've been waiting.

$50 off Advanced Ruby: Behind the Magic - Get the deal

This course is everything I wish I knew about Ruby when I started as a Rails developer. We cover 6+ hours of Ruby techniques used in Rails and other Rubygems to see how they work from scratch.

$50 off Refactoring Rails - Get the deal

Ben Orenstein's Refactoring Rails course is one I refer back to several times a year. It's a great set of strategies for cleaning up and better organizing your code.

$50 off Payments with Ruby on Rails Master Class - Get the deal

Want to add Payments to your Rails app? It's gotten much trickier over the past years. This course walks you through accepting Payments with Stripe that are compatible with Strong Customer Authentication, webhooks, and more.

That's everything! I just want to say thanks for everything and allowing us to do this for a living.

2022 has been an exciting year and there are some secret things for 2023 that Collin & I have been working on that I can't wait to share with you soon.

If you have any questions, hit reply and let me know. 👋

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