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Posted in How to integrate mailgun in a rails app

Looks like this gem is pretty complete:

edit: but not recently updated.

Posted in React_on_rails 5.1.4

could you be a bit more specific? What error do you get? What have you done so far?

Posted in Add image attachment to user post and server via AWS S3

think this episode is useful for you:

from there you might go and add React.

Posted in new myapp

could you tell how you solved it? Might be useful to others too.

Somewhere between 0 and 99000.

More seriously, without more specs, it's impossible to help you more.

Posted in Active Storage (Rails 5.2) vs Shrine

Any Gem you have used before? go with that ootion. If you used Shrine before, definitly go with that.
I haven't used AS yet, but have heard it is not as fully featured as, eg Shrine

Posted in How to send different Plan ID's to Stripe?

Aren't you just missing .stripe_id or similar here plan: @plan ### This doesn't? Think the Stripe API wants a string here.

Posted in How do I save the user_id by adding the mail?

Some ideas to get you going. Add an input field for the email, eg <% = email_field_tag :email %>.

In the controller (create) action, you can find by email, eg: user = User.find_by(email: params[:email]).

This is just the basics and should help you move forward. Just let us know if you need more guidance after you tried this.

Could you try it without spaces in the font file name? Also I am almost sure that that /font is loaded by default already.

Posted in I'm having issues with in-app notifications on my App

Run rake routes or 5.x rails routes, and check how the routes looks like. Based on above routes files, it's defintely not episode_path.

Am not known with the BT api, but one thing to check is in what way BT expects the price, eg. Stripe expects it to be in cents ($15 would be 1500).

Posted in Rails Full_Calendar Implementation

Any errors in console log that might be of help?

Posted in Which is the simplest way to add ES6 to a Rails 5.1 app?

It's the next "version" of JS. Thus no specific upside of using it "in Rails".

Posted in Rails associations

Think you could get rid of the has_many :candidates and have a Candidate belong_to a Job? From a quick glance all associations should from then be correct. You could do then The join table would never have to called upon.
Also check if the has_one :applyingjob is correct.

So a Project has_many :reviews? Correct?

Something along the lines of: scope :two_weeks_ago, -> { where(end_date: 2.weeks_ago) } should do the trick.

Posted in How to make online product designer in ruby on rail

The biggest part of this is done with JS, with something like
Any backend is fairly simple with Rails.

I think you are looking for "Self Joins".

In designing a data model, you will sometimes find a model that should have a relation to itself. For example, you may want to store all employees in a single database model, but be able to trace relationships such as between manager and subordinates.

Posted in Embed Youtube video in Rails app

I think there's not much more to the topic than the answer above. Any specific issue you are running into?

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