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Posted in Primer on Rails 5.1's new UJS library Discussion

it became clearer to me now. thank you!

Posted in Trouble with a lending library query

Guys, I really love reading books. I read different literature and thus constantly replenish my library. The last one I read and was impressed with was Oedipus The King. You can read more about this book at Oedipus The King is one of the seven tragedies of the Athenian poet and playwright Sophocles, who lived from about 496-406 BC.

Thanks for the advice. I would advise you to read not only specialized literature, but also fiction in order for the brain to consume a variety of information. If you haven't read The Lord of the Rings yet, I advise you to head over to and read some really cool articles about this book and Tolkien in general.

Posted in Can anyone suggest me best Ruby on Rails 5 book?

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial is truly an incredible book. I love books and literature in general. My favorite book is The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I love these books and on the site I recently read some very useful articles about the author and these books.

Posted in Speed up videos

Thanks for the tip. Please tell me a quality software that can speed up the video.

Great idea, I think this format will be very convenient. This is a very useful feature that will really help you find your favorite books faster. Yesterday on the site I read several articles about my favorite book - The Lord of the Rings. I love it, I love the universe of this book and how detailed everything is in it.

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