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I used an earlier version of Ruby Motion and found it to be quite good. I attended Ruby Motion #Inspect 2014 in SF along with a Ruby Motion course given by Laurent Sansonetti. I found the Ruby Motion community to be very helpful. Even back in 2014, there were several impressive gems developed by members of the Ruby Motion community to make things easier for you. Despite being able to code in Ruby (which to me is preferable to Objective C), much of the library calls looked foreign to me (e.g., since it's invoking various iOS library classes), so there can be was a bit of a learning curve. I haven't used Ruby Motion since late 2014 because we decided not to continue developing native apps for our product, but I can imagine Ruby Motion has grown and improved since then.
At Your Pet’s Vet, our dedicated veterinary team provides professional, gold-standard healthcare for your pet. With the sound advice and professional recommendations of our Perth vet specialists, you’ll be well-equipped to make the best decisions for your animal companion.

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