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How to use position fixed and a z index together

BernalTurado asked in CSS

i have a custom cursor on my page, the z index is 7.When I hover over the text on the footer, i want the text to overlap the white, I put z index 12 on the text to make it higher but it is not being respected. Something to do with the stacking context.. ? When i change the .footer--slideup position from fixed to absolute, i get the desired effect that i want with the cursor and the text, however this messes up my footer not sticking to the bottom of the page.

Does your footer--slideup need to have a position fixed?

Because that's why you are having problems, it won't ever respect the z-index you'll add to your childs within it

If you could re-work your layout to not use position fixed, like by using flexbox with a flex-grow: 1; on your wrapper to push down the footer instead, then you won't have any problems by just adding a arbitrary z-index value to the childs.

I know.. z-index is a major headache always :( That's why most of us use "portals" and other crap to just have them as near the "body" as possible

Let me know if you need a codepen demo and I'll whip one up for ya <3

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